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Advanced Compactors handles all AP/ARAdvanced Compactors, Inc. will handle all of the AP/AR


The fair share waste removal program

The fair share waste removal program is advantageous for large tenant centers whether you manage a regional shopping mall, a strip center, or a condominium complex we can provide the management company with the compaction and recycling equipment.  The outsourcing of your waste and recycling needs gives you more time for other management tasks.


  • Each tenants waste removal cost is calculated
  • The tenant is then invoiced accordingly on a monthly basis
  • Advanced Compactors, LLC. will contract with the most suitable hauler and will pay for hauling and disposal charges

Advanced Compactors, LLC. provides the expertise for keeping cost under control!

Benefits of the Fair Share Program

  • No costs to the management company
  • Outsourcing provides management companies with expert advice
  • All equipment is provided by Advanced Compactors, LLC.
  • All AR/AP is done by Advanced Compactors, LLC.

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