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Commercial Storage Containers Available from Advanced Compactors LLC

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Commercial Storage Containers Available from Advanced Compactors LLC


Commercial Storage Containers from Advanced Compactors LLC are available in a wide range of capacities to meet most commercial storage requirements. We have over 30 years of experience in the commercial storage container business with thousands of commercial storage container supplied throughout the United States. Advanced Compactors LLC has the knowledge and experience to provide expert advice and savings to our customers. 

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Phone: 1-800-587-0040 Fax: 508-821-4474


Advanced Compactors LLC provided our equipment across the United States and these and other cities.

Commercial Storage Containers Boston MA

Commercial Storage Containers Providence RI

Commercial Storage Containers Fall River MA

Commercial Storage Containers New Bedford MA

Commercial Storage Containers Brockton MA

Commercial Storage Containers Framingham MA

Commercial Storage Containers Taunton MA


Trash Compactors and Commercial Storage Containers

Advanced Compactor LLC offers a complete line of industrial trash container and commercial storage containers through our fast and easy rental program. Our representatives can help you save with our compactor and container rental programs. With in a few minutes, we can help you save on a large capital expense while using the hauler of our choice.


We offer a wide range of equipment to meet most every commercial trash application:

Vertical compactors: from 2 to 6 yards Used in locations where space is limited.

Self-Contained Compactors: from 12 to 36 yards (Used in businesses that generate waste that contains fluids and can also be used for dry waste.)

Stationary Compactors:from 2 to 6 yards(Used for all types of recycling materials and dry waste.)

Balers:from42” to 60” Used primarily for recycling material, paper, cardboard, plastics.)

Receiver Containers: from 15 to 42 yards (Used with stationary compactors.)

√ Storage Containers: 20 to 40 yards


Commercial Storage Containers Available from Advanced Compactors LLC


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